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Underwater Depths (Kiteihokou3) | Debris OST

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Frozen Bubbles Suspended Below Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake has become world famous, especially amongst photographers. The artificial lake, which lies in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, is home to a rare phenomenon where bubbles get frozen right underneath its surface. They’re often referred to as ice bubbles or frozen bubbles.

What causes this to happen? As photographer Fikret Onal explains, “The plants on the lake bed release methane gas and methane gets frozen once coming close enough to much colder lake surface and they keep stacking up below once the weather gets colder and colder during [the] winter season.”

Though a gorgeous sight, this incredible destination isn’t for the weak or the weary. “Even though I’ve walked on a frozen lake before, Abraham Lake made me feel completely uneasy since the lake was not covered with snow,” says Onal. “Even though the icy surface was around 8-9 inches thick, it still scared the hell out of me, not only because of the fact that I could see all the cracks…and the darkness of the lake bottom through the glassy surface, but also [because of] the deep boomy, cracking sounds coming from underneath the lake’s surface.”

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comission for Monica 


comission for Monica 

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So I did this thing here

Western Star Sign: Capricorn (The sea goat)
Chinese Zodiac (Animal): Rooster (The perfectionist)
Western Element:
Earth (Stability)
Chinese Element: Water (Shui)
Planet: Saturn (Morose)
Yin-Yang Symbol: Yin
Celtic Druid Zodiac: Fir Tree (The Mysterious)
Birthstone: Garnet (Sensuality)
Divine Number: 5 (The Adventurous) 
Season: Winter
Divine Color: Orange (The Mature)
Day of the Week: Wednesday

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